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    Department Chairs

    Dr. Patricia Hart Timm
    Academic Dean
    Associate Professor and Chair – Accounting
    Assistant Professor and Chair - Entertainment, Sport & Promotion Management
    Leeza Bacon
    Assistant Professor
    Department Chair – Health Care Management
    Elgie Bright
    Associate Professor and Chair – Automotive Marketing and Management
    Dr. Jamie H. Burns
    Professor and Chair – Language Arts
    Chair, Division of Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Jay P. Chandran
    Professor and Chair – International Business/Management
    Mariana Grigoras
    Associate Professor and Chair – Social Sciences and Humanities
    Nicholas Hamilton
    Assistant Professor
    Department Chair – Hospitality Management
    Douglas J. Hentschel
    Associate Professor – Mathematics and Science
    Chair, Operations and Supply Chain Management
    James Hop
    Associate Professor and Chair – Entrepreneurship
    Franchising Management
    Dr. Nasim Hosein
    Associate Professor and Chair – Advertising and Marketing
    Dr. Carolina M. Lopez
    Assistant Professor and Chair - Sustainability
    Dr. Mark Lund
    Chair, Division of Quantitative Studies
    Associate Professor – Mathematics and Science
    Dr. Dale Matcheck
    Professor and Chair – Economics
    Dr. Glenn A. Moots
    Professor and Chair – Philosophy and Political Science
    Dr. Chandran Mylvaganam
    Professor – Management
    Chair, Division of Management and Marketing
    David Sanford
    Associate Professor and Chair – Management Information Systems
    Dr. C. Diana Webb
    Associate Professor - Finance
    Department Chair - Insurance Risk Management
    Dr. Dennis R. Witherspoon
    Associate Professor and Chair – Finance

    All Other Faculty

    Carla Allen
    Associate Professor
    Assistant Professor - Math
    W. Loran Brown
    Assistant Professor – Accounting
    Dr. Margaret C. Colarelli
    Professor – Language Arts/Social Sciences and Humanities
    Dr. Mary Linda Fisher
    Assistant Professor - International Business
    Christin Greiman
    Associate Professor – Management
    Dr. Shauna Hanisch-Kirkbride
    Assistant Professor – Mathematics and Science
    Clifford L. Harris
    Associate Professor – Economics
    Assistant Professor – Entertainment, Sport & Promotion Management
    Christine Iott
    Assistant Professor
    Coordinator of Developmental Math
    Assistant Professor – Accounting
    DeLois T. Leapheart
    Professor – Law
    Director, Mock Trial
    Jennifer Luzar
    Associate Professor – Language Arts
    Mark Marciniak
    Assistant Professor - History
    Director, Competitive Speech
    Dr. Kevin McCormack
    Assistant Professor – Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Carol J. Meinhardt
    Associate Professor – Language Arts
    Dr. Jiwoo Park
    Assistant Professor – Advertising
    Jeffrey G. Phillips
    Professor – Language Arts
    Director, Michigan Campus Honors Program
    Brian A. Rang
    Assistant Professor - Finance
    Anastasia Romanchuk
    Associate Professor – Language Arts
    Erin Simmons
    Assistant Professor - Math
    Deborah Steiner
    Assistant Professor - Math
    Barbara Elizabeth Sumi
    Professor – Accounting
    Dr. Steven Tidwell
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Alex Tokarev
    Associate Professor – Economics
    Assistant Professor - Accounting
    Weikang Wang
    Associate Professor – Management and International Business