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Degrees, Certificates and Certifications

  • PhD, Cornell University

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has evolved over the years from “teach the subject” to “teach the student”. I understand that each student in my class is a unique individual with their own set of prior knowledge, values, goals and challenges that I need to take into account when designing course content and assessments. For this reason I try to create a flexible learning environment which provides students with a variety of ways to learn and demonstrate what they’ve learned I don’t provide all the answers; I provide questions, facilitate discussions, and provide feedback so they can develop their critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills which will serve them well long after they’ve forgotten the specific content of the course.

Why I am at NU

Northwood is unique among business schools in having an explicit philosophy that is not only posted publicly on our website, but is incorporated into our curriculum and understood and lived out by our faculty and alumni. The NU philosophy with its emphasis on the importance of individual freedom and responsibility, free enterprise, and ethical leadership corresponds exactly with my own values. There is no such thing as a guarantee of future success in life and business, but the virtues we teach and practice here make it much more likely.

Selected Publications

When We Are Free, 6th edition, Northwood University Press, Midland Michigan (2014), Dale Matcheck, Timothy G. Nash and Richard Ebeling