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Degrees, Certificates and Certifications

  • Post-Graduate Certificate, Managerial Accounting, Davenport University
  • Post-Graduate Certificate, Finance, Davenport University
  • MBA, Davenport University
  • Bachelors of Arts, Music, Kent State University

My Teaching Philosophy

The world is filled with uncertainty. Textbook answers have solutions. Real world problems require confidence in knowing that you have thought through a possible range of solutions with reasonable assumptions, analytical questions and ethical responses.

My goal in the classroom is to create a space of mutual learning where both successes and failures are celebrated as opportunities for growth and learning. The classroom should be a place where we try out new ways of thinking, work towards new solutions and test them for real-world application. I strive to help students connect course content with real-world problems and learn how to ask good questions. The ability to make these connections and ask questions will serve them beyond the classroom as they become our future leaders.

Why I am at NU

As business leaders and professors, I believe that we are in a unique position to be able to help guide the future thought leaders of our society. I came to Northwood seeking an opportunity to teach. In my research on Northwood, I realized that the Northwood idea summed up perfectly the values and beliefs I have endeavored to work out in my personal and professional life. The challenges that we are currently facing are going to take leaders that make decisions that are ethical, moral, and born out of a sense of personal responsibility. Our future leaders need to embrace that free-enterprise markets, although a messy experiment at times, allows for freedom of thoughts and ideas resulting in a better, stronger society.

Consulting or Research Specialties

Small Business Enterprise & Sustainability

Selected Professional Experience

  • Project Management, B&L Drapery Services, Cain Business Enterprises, and as a Freelancer, 10 years
  • Financial Analysis, Independent Consultant and Freelancer, 5 years
  • Accounting, Kent State University; Congress Insurance; MPCU, 5 years
  • Financial Literacy; Federal Student Aid Programs, Davenport University; Junior Achievement; Cornerstone University, 12 years