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Degrees, Certificates and Certifications

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • 21 Graduate Credit Hours in Mathematics, Central Michigan University

My Teaching Philosophy

As a math educator for the past two decades, my goal has always been to help students understand that math is a powerful tool that can be used in any career, and not merely a subject that is forced upon them and then quickly forgotten. I want students to become excited about math and to see that “math” and “fun” can occur in the same sentence. Teaching students not only the application of math, but the beauty of the subject as well, helps diminish negative opinions that students may have previously developed for this subject. In my classroom, students are given the opportunity to explore concepts, make mistakes, and ultimately learn from those mistakes, all while having my helpful guidance along the way.

Why I am at NU

Each of my students bring their own attitudes and prior knowledge to the classroom. They come from diverse backgrounds with various educational goals. That is why teaching mathematics in the Adult Degree Program (ADP) at Northwood University is so exciting – it gives me the chance to embrace this diversity and adapt my teaching style to ensure students have the math skills required for their next step in life. As adult learners, many of my students have not opened a math textbook in several years, which can cause great apprehension. However, ADP students are very focused and work hard to ensure success in their math courses – and that is why I love teaching at Northwood!

Selected Professional Experience

Project Engineer, General Motors, 5 years