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Elgie Bright

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Automotive Marketing/Management

A headshot of Elgie Bright

Degrees, Certificates and Certifications

  • MBA, Automotive, Northwood University

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that great instructors are receptive to the needs of their students and endeavour to fulfill them. From my view, classes and students are different, which demands that I be, above all, able to read the class at several levels—individually, globally, and vocationally—and teach in a way that a wide range of students can benefit from. Sometimes, this means altering a presentation strategy on a moment’s notice and reacting or improvising based on student questions, facial expressions, attention levels, and engagement. In my opinion, intransigence—a sign that an instructor lacks empathy—and the belief in a single pedagogy, are major weaknesses when it comes to the classroom. This means that good instructors are always learning.

Why I am at NU

I am at Northwood because of the Automotive Program. The ability to coach, mentor, and teach in the nations premiere automotive school is a plum assignment. As a person that has spent their entire career in the automotive industry, the opportunity to be a part of NU automotive is exciting, stimulating, and humbling. Watching the future leaders of the industry come in as shy awkward freshmen, and then blossom into confidant future leaders is a testament to the Northwood Idea, which I embrace.

Consulting or Research Specialties

Leading the Northwood University automotive department has given me opportunity to take the stage at major automotive conferences and industry meetings. To be able to consult with major automotive groups such as General Motors or ACV Auctions has given me the access to thought leadership and subject matter experts that sharpen my skills and expand my network.