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Dr. Gabriel Benzecry

Assistant Professor & Bretzlaff Scholar

Degrees, Certificates and Certifications

  • Ph.D. in Economics from Middle Tennessee State University

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is that an effective educator must cultivate a deep sense of personal responsibility and proactivity in students. Instead of simply providing new information, I attempt to foster their ability to self-navigate the expanse of knowledge available in our world. By crafting a classroom environment that is both welcoming and challenging, I create a space where students can freely express their individuality and moral character. I aim to equip them with the necessary tools to embark on a lifelong quest for truth and virtue, in which they will be able to navigate the complexities of their professional and personal lives with courage, honesty, and integrity.

Selected Publications

  • Benzecry, Gabriel F. (2023). The Political Thought of José Osvaldo de Meira Penna. Journal of Libertarian Studies.
  • Benzecry, Gabriel F and Marcus Shera (2023). The King’s Gambit: Rationalizing the Fall of the Templars. Rationality and Society.
  • Benzecry, Gabriel F. and Daniel J. Smith (2023). The Wisdom of Classical Political Economy in Economics: Incorporated or Lost? The Review of Austrian Economics.
  • Benzecry, Gabriel F. and Daniel J. Smith (2023). Not-So-Spontaneous Socialization Outcomes of Spontaneous Family Structures. Cosmos + Taxis.
  • Benzecry, Gabriel F. (2023). Power to the People? Lobbying for Labor rights in Brazil’s National Constituent Assembly. The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy.
  • Benzecry, Gabriel F. (2022). Friedrich List’s Critique of the Methuen Treaty. Iberian Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

Why I’m at NU

Because I am devoted to Northwood’s unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional business education focusing on smaller class sizes and personalized student mentorship. It is a privilege to be part of an institution that cultivates in students a profound understanding of the significance of personal responsibility within the framework of a free enterprise system. In an era when academic freedom is gradually diminishing, Northwood stands out as a haven for scholars who value independent inquiry and the exploration of subjects that might not coincide with current trends in academia. At Northwood, I can freely pursue the truth and fulfill my responsibilities as a scholar and educator.