NU Now Alerts

Northwood University utilizes Rave Alert emergency notification system to aid the Northwood community in monitoring notifications regarding campus changes and emergencies.

Messages appear as “NU Now” alerts, and will automatically be sent to Northwood email addresses. Constituents with Northwood credentials must login to register additional email addresses and/or mobile devices to receive text message alerts.

To sign up for the new system, visit: and enter your Northwood credentials. You will automatically be signed up with your Northwood email, but must login to add your mobile number(s) and receive the notifications on your mobile device(s).

Rave Guardian

The Northwood community also has access to Rave Guardian**, a free mobile app that turns any smartphone into a personal safety device. Through Guardian, users can invite friends and family to join their network as “Guardians.” This allows users to request one or more of their Guardians to virtually walk with them on or off campus.

The app also has a safety feature that directly connects the user to campus security (or 911 if off-campus) in an emergency situation, as well as the ability to submit an anonymous tip to campus security should they see something suspicious. Northwood students will be encouraged to download the Guardian app at their orientation sessions and at the kick-off of welcome week events starting in July.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Rave Alert?

A campus safety alert system and product of Rave Mobile Safety, the most trusted safety software partner, connecting millions to those they trust to protect them, by providing safety officials with innovative tools to prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively during emergencies. Rave protects more than 1,200 colleges and universities across the U.S.

What is Rave Guardian?

A free mobile app that turns any smartphone into a personal safety device. By downloading this free safety app, students and faculty can enhance their personal safety both on and off campus.

How does the Rave Guardian App work?

  • Register and set up an account: Users can add their name, campus address, medical notes and other pertinent information for campus safety in case of emergency.
  • Easy Emergency Communication: In an emergency, a one button call to campus safety officials will display the users Guardian profile and current location. 
  • Add & Message Guardians: By adding roommates, friends, and family to their network, users can feel safer when walking alone, on or off campus. Guardians can also be messaged directly through the app.
  • Set a Safety Timer: In the event a student feels unsafe, they can set a timer with their current location, indicating where they are going and when they should arrive. In the event they do not make it there and de-active the timer, Guardians or campus safety will be immediately alerted. 
  • Send Anonymous Tips: See something, say something. The app allows users to anonymously text suspicious activity to campus police, including photos.

What types of messages does Northwood send through Rave?

Northwood University will only send critically important messages through the alert system. Examples include extreme weather notifications, campus/site/program center closings and/or delays, and potential criminal activity on or near campus.

How can I sign up?

Users can sign up for Rave Alerts by going to and entering Northwood credentials. Parents, family and friends without Northwood credentials must be added to the Guardian list by students.

I am a parent and would like to sign up for alerts, is that possible?

Northwood students must register devices for parents, family and friends wishing to receive Rave Alerts. Students can add up to six devices. Parents can also connect to their students through the Rave Guardian application.


**The Rave Guardian App is currently available only in Romania, Canada, and USA App Stores at this time. Any users wanting to install this app will need to have their country or region profiles changed. Change your AppleID country or region instructions | Change your Google Play Country instructions.