EXCEL Program

Strong academic courses are one thing. But to fully succeed at our mission of developing the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society, our business students engage outside of the academic environment. Creating a fully rounded professional takes solid classes, and it also takes engagement. That's why Northwood University offers students the opportunity to EXCEL.

The EXCEL program offers involved students the opportunity to build a Student Development Transcript of extracurricular involvement. Involvement includes volunteering in the local community, helping at food banks, visiting nursing care facilities, taking in a play, enjoying the arts or being involved and holding positions in campus organizations. The campus offers EXCEL opportunities throughout the academic year and helps our students realize how important involvement is to professional growth.

In business, meeting people in the industry or building a network of peers before graduation are important. Community involvement is essential to developing strong leadership potential.

How do I participate in EXCEL?

You can find information through your campus EXCEL director in the Church Family Administration Building. You can keep up with the campus FYIs through All of the events will be publicly announced to maximize your opportunities to become involved. Be ready to reach beyond your comfort level, and embrace trying new things. You will build your EXCEL transcript, perhaps more important, you will develop great friendships and create future opportunities.

EXCEL Requirements

Northwood University believes in creating an active learning environment that engages students to explore new ideas, perspectives, experiences and understanding of their own lives. Our students are challenged to participate in a broad range of activities which provide a variety of experiences. The student’s approved participation in an activity is documented on the Student Development Transcript.

  1. Organizations/Activities: Students are encouraged to join clubs and organizations and to actively participate in developing team-building and social skills essential for success in life. Members must be in a registered student organization, varsity team, professional or community-based organization. Northwood organizations must have an advisor from the faculty or staff. Students must maintain membership for a minimum of one term. Students must participate in at least 75% of the scheduled meetings and/or activities of the organization.

  2. Leadership Development: Students are encouraged to gain self-reliance through leadership experience and individual initiative. Students must hold a recognized position of leadership or authority for a recognized organization. Student leaders must participate in at least 75% of the organization’s activities. Students must hold the position for a minimum of one term. Leadership skill development activities may apply.

  3. Professional Development: Students are encouraged to build their business skills by gaining experience in the marketplace. The position or event must demonstrate substance and value related to business. Employment must provide for the development of skills which can be utilized in a business setting. Students must have a minimum of eight accumulated hours of personal involvement.

  4. Campus/Community Arts: Students are encouraged to explore the business and the arts relationship both on and off campus. Activities must relate to the arts (music, drama, dance, art, photography, poetry, etc.) or the business and arts relationship. Students must demonstrate an active participation in the activity. A minimum of eight accumulated hours of participation in an event or series of events is required.

  5. Volunteer/Community: Service Students are encouraged to assist the campus and local community in a variety of service projects. The activity must demonstrate a benefit to others. The activity may occur on or off campus. A minimum of eight accumulated hours is required.

  6. Honors/Awards: Students receiving honors and awards may list them on the Student Development Transcript.

All undergraduate students are required to participate in the program and are therefore automatically enrolled in EXCEL once they enroll at Northwood University.

Credit given in this program is not considered academic credit. The Student Development Transcript and Academic Transcript are considered the Northwood transcript.