Care Team

The Care Team is an intervention and prevention team. The Care Team meets bi-monthly to discuss the health and safety of referred students and situations. The primary purpose of the Care Team is to be proactive and prevent or at least reduce, problems involving students. It is also the goal to assist students with individualized support services, such as counseling, and to help coordinate the efforts and responses of those other university departments to promote the success of Northwood University students.

How does the team work?

The Care Team meets every other week during the academic year and as needed. The team is comprised of several university employees who interact with students in a variety of settings. The team discusses students who have been brought to its attention through one or more of the several notification methods. The team then attempts to identify individual needs of the student and the appropriate response or services. Furthermore, it is the goal of the team to follow up, either in person or with the provided resource departments/personnel, on the progress of students brought to the team’s attention to ensure the needs of the student have been met.

What to look for

  • Students/Peers:

    • Disengaging or isolating behavior

    • Missing class or not completing assignments

    • Significant change in behavior or appearance

    • Problematic behaviors such as alcohol or drug abuse, self-mutilation or other uncharacteristic or concerning behavior

    • Any other information that leads one to be concerned for the health and safety of another student

    • Reports/complaints of bullying

  • Family (In addition to the above-listed behaviors):

    • Any family-related problems or issues, which could include divorce or death of a family member

    • Illness

    • Expressions by the student of being overwhelmed, extremely homesick, wanting to quit or give up

  • Faculty:

    • See referral form as well as the above-listed items

Call the Care Team @ 989.837.5150 


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