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Get More for Less

A double major is now possible without overloads or summer studies! Work with your academic advisor to carefully plan your semesters to meet all requirements for two majors.

Additional, per-credit tuition charges apply for any overloads or compressed/summer courses. An “overload” means any additional credits over 17 credits per semester. Talk to an Academic Advisor about how advanced placement (AP) scores and previous college credit can save you time and money. Also, be sure to check out Summer Session tuition rates which may offer additional savings.

Students at the Opening Ceremony writing their goals

Get a Head Start

Declare a double major early. You are encouraged to make a decision during the freshmen year, as this allows more time for completing required courses within four years. However, you may declare a double major at any time while you are a student at Northwood University. Some students declare a double major upon application or within the first semester of attending classes. Students considering a double major should meet with an Academic Advisor to make the most informed decision.

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Forge Your Path Forward