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Admission Criteria

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Incoming Freshman

Each student who has completed an application for admission and provided their high school transcript(s) and test score(s) is reviewed for eligibility to participate in the four-year Bachelor/MBA track.

Admission to the Bachelor/MBA track from high school requires one of the following conditions: 3.25 Cumulative GPA (CGPA) with 25 ACT/1210 SAT, or 3.50 Cumulative GPA (CGPA) with no test score.

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Transfer Students

A transfer student may also be eligible to participate in the four-year Bachelor/MBA track if, upon attending college-level institutions, they maintained an overall 3.25 GPA, earned a total of 23 credits or less (excluding Advanced Placement and dual enrollment credits) and, upon graduating from high school, met one of the criteria indicated above.

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Graduate Dual Enrollment

Northwood University seniors can enroll in graduate course(s) to be applied to both undergraduate (BBA) and graduate degree (MBA/MSOL/MSF/MSBA/MSHR) requirements.

Northwood senior standing, non-Bachelor/MBA track traditional students with a 3.25 GPA or higher are eligible to enroll. Graduate courses taken as part of your undergraduate degree requirements with a grade of “B” or higher will be considered for credit in MBA, MSBA, MSF and MSOL

Conditions of Acceptance & Enrollment

Eligible students should refer to the Bachelor/MBA Conditions of Acceptance and Enrollment Form for complete details. Following are a few details:

A student will need to complete a minimum of 120 credits including ‘overloads’ up to 19 credits during fall and spring semesters, at no additional cost, and/or students can complete compressed and summer classes at their own expense.

The four-year Bachelor/MBA track is only available for the Accelerated 12-month MBA program located on the Midland, Michigan campus.

A credit-bearing internship is required prior to starting the MBA program at the student’s own expense.

A student will need to maintain a minimum 3.25 CGPA each semester to remain in the four-year Bachelor/MBA track. If a student falls below a 3.25 CGPA, the student will pay for any courses over 17 credits in the fall and/or spring. Once a student returns to a 3.25 CGPA or above, a student will be able to re-enter and resume taking free overloads. A student is allowed to leave and re-enter the four-year Bachelor/MBA track once during their academic career. If a student falls below a 3.25 CGPA a second time, they are no longer eligible to continue in the four-year BBA/MBA track.

A student will attend four-year Bachelor/MBA track events/meetings as requested by DeVos Graduate School Administration.

The MBA program tuition and fees are different than and determined separately from the bachelor’s degree program tuition and fees.

Once graduated to the MBA portion of the four-year Bachelor/MBA track, a student is only eligible to receive the institutional aid that was offered upon acceptance to the four-year Bachelor/MBA track. A student will not be eligible for any additional DeVos Graduate School merit scholarships or other NU institutional aid designated for undergraduate use.

The merit scholarship received from Northwood University may be applied a maximum of four consecutive years as long as a student remains a full-time student and maintains the required GPA for renewal. If a student opts out of the four-year Bachelor/MBA track or alters their program of study, the merit scholarship may be adjusted in total and/or distribution amount.


Northwood University Academic Merit Scholarship: The academic merit scholarship you receive for each of the three years of your bachelor’s degree can also be applied during your fourth year at Northwood as you earn your MBA.

  • Minimum GPA requirements for scholarship renewal must be maintained.
  • All other Northwood scholarships and grants received during undergraduate education are not eligible for use toward the MBA.
  • Undergraduate merit scholarship cannot be applied to the MBA program if you do not complete the four-year Bachelor/MBA track.
  • DeVos Graduate School scholarships are available for students not completing the four-year Bachelor/MBA track.
  • Business Club Scholarships and Private Donor Scholarships are also available.
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