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    Academic Catalog

    The Northwood University academic catalog contains information on degrees and courses offered by the University. This catalog is the official document of the University. For graduation purposes, please use the catalog from the year you started or any subsequent year.

    Current Catalog

    2019-2020 Academic Catalog

    Archived Catalogs

    2018-2019 Academic Catalog

    2017-2018 Academic Catalog

    2017-2018 Academic Catalog Addendums

    2016-2017 Academic Catalog

    2016-2017 Academic Catalog Addendums

    2015-2016 Academic Catalog

    2015-2016 Academic Catalog Addendums

    2014-2015 Academic Catalog

    2014-2015 Academic Catalog Addendums

    2012-2014 Academic Catalog

    2012-2014 Academic Catalog Addendums

    2010-2012 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

    2007-2009 Undergraduate Academic Catalog


    Northwood University reserves the right to make changes without notice, and neither the catalog nor these electronic pages constitute a legal contract. Northwood University personnel made every reasonable effort to determine that everything stated in this catalog was accurate at the time it was published. Courses and programs offered, tuition and fees, services and the academic calendar, together with other matters contained herein, are subject to change without notice by Northwood University for reasons related to student enrollment, level of financial support or for any other reason at the discretion of the University. Northwood University further reserves the right to add, amend or repeal any of their rules, guidelines, policies and procedures. Although the provisions of this catalog are not to be regarded as a legal contract, students enrolled at Northwood University are responsible for all regulations in this catalog as well as additions or changes to regulations as they are posted or printed in other College publications.