Student Organizations

Joining a campus organization is one of the best ways to become involved in campus life. Choose the organization(s) that fit your interests. The organizations you join build a network of peers and community members that can help as you enter the workforce. Organizations will truly enrich your university experience.

Take The First Step

The first step is identifying the right group or organization for you! These groups will help to create your individual Northwood experience and excel your future forward!



  • Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega is an organization about you. Unique, talented, genuine women looking for a fun and meaningful way to enhance our college experience. It’s also about strength in numbers through the 230,000 real, strong women who stand by your side, cheer you on and lead you to a lifetime of fun, fulfillment, leadership, and inspiration. Whether wearing the lyre badge with pride during a ritual ceremony, volunteering at a women’s shelter or networking with sisters across the country to land your dream job, Alpha Chi Omega is a chance to be your authentic self, while surrounded by sisters who are individually unique but together complete. Alpha Chi Omega has five standards that we hold each of our members to and they are; leadership, academic interest, character, financial responsibility, and personal development. This allows for our members to continuously seek the heights and become the best versions of themselves.

  • Alpha Gamma Delta Inspired by the vision and values defined by our Founders, Alpha Gamma Delta cherishes the lifelong opportunity to share sisterhood. We challenge our members to lead lives of significance that positively impact their communities. Alpha Gamma Delta encourages sisters to hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable. By inspiring the woman, Alpha Gam sets us up to impact the world.

  • Delta Zeta The women of the Delta Zeta Sorority share a common purpose; to make life fuller, more meaningful and more rewarding for everyone and each of its members. Being a member of Delta Zeta is more than just being apart of a sorority.  It is creating lifelong friends, unforgettable memories, and connections around the world. Not only does Delta Zeta bring others together, but we strive for our members to be the best of their abilities and channel their inner glow. 

    Attending college can bring many mixed emotions to anyone. You may feel nervous, excited, or a bit of both. By joining Delta Zeta, we welcome you with loving arms and will pave the way for your success as an individual and member.


  • Alpha Sigma Phi "A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." It takes a person of strong character to uphold all five values of Alpha Sigma Phi. These values of Charity, Purity, Silence, Honor, and Patriotism run deep within each member and are exemplified on campus, in the classroom, through philanthropy and most importantly in our actions as we inspire others to learn more, do more, and become better men. 

  • Alpha Chi Rho Through our Landmarks and Principles, the Fraternity aims to provide an experience that "Cultivates Men of Word and Deed”. Character, honor and integrity are attributes that are deeply enhanced by the leadership opportunities, resources and experiences that the organization provides its members. “If you think you know crow you may be wrong, I know I was” – Josh Orendi, owner, Phired Up

  • Delta Mu Delta 

    National honorary society

    for Business Administration.

    It recognizes and

    encourages academic

    excellence of its students

    to create a community that

    fosters the well-being of

    its individual members and

    the business community.

    Northwood chartered the

    Delta Xi chapter of Delta Mu

    Delta in 1984.

  • Iota Phi Theta 

    Iota Phi Theta is a social

    service organization

    designed to encourage

    brotherhood and good

    citizenship with community.

    The purpose stated is

    “The development and

    perpetuation of scholarship,

    leadership, citizenship,


    and brotherhood among


  • Kappa Sigma At the heart of Kappa Sigma lie the Fraternity's Four Pillars, which guide our ambitions and underpin our successes. Striving for excellence in Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service produces Brothers who are involved in all aspects of campus life; who excel academically as students and professionally upon graduation; who develop lifelong bonds with those around them and who support those peers; and who serve their colleges and communities. Becoming a Kappa Sigma provides the framework to build yourself into the man you want to be.

  • Omega Psi Phi 

    Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

    is an international

    brotherhood consisting of

    750 chapters throughout

    the world. We aim to build

    an effective force of men

    dedicated to the Cardinal

    Principles of manhood,

    scholarship, perseverance

    and uplift.

  • Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon creates lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community, and professional success. Our mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.

Governing Councils

  • College Panhellenic Council 

    The College Panhellenic

    Council is the governing

    body of the three National

    Panhellenic Conference

    women’s fraternities. This

    organization stands for

    good scholarship and high

    standards and serves the

    college community. Officers

    and delegates are selected

    from each chapter and

    leadership is rotated within

    the group. These fraternity

    women work in harmony

    and stand for mutual


  • Interfraternity Council

Special Interest

  • Aftermarket Club The Aftermarket Group is 

    a student-run organization 

    that brings together

    Automotive Aftermarket

    students and those who

    love cars in order to better

    our campus and community

    by pursuing our personal

    and collective moral,

    scholastic, and social

    development through the

    practice and pursuit of our

    automotive enthusiasm.

  • Auto Show (NUIAS) 

    Be part of the largest

    outdoor auto show in North

    America, produced entirely

    by Northwood students.

    No matter what your talent,

    the Northwood University

    International Auto Show can

    use your help!

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters 

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of

    Midland County is teaming

    up with elementary schools

    in an effort to help students

    succeed. Teaming up with

    youth strives to improve

    the academic, social,

    and relationship skills of

    children by matching them,

    one-to-one, with mentors

    in a school setting. This

    group will hold programs

    where “Bigs” and “Littles”

    are working together on

    campus and also work

    to raise awareness of the


  • Circle K 

    Circle K is a globally

    recognized service

    organization with more

    than 12,600 members in

    17 nations. With projects

    ranging from March of

    Dimes to UNICEF’S

    Eliminate Project, Circle

    K is always helping the

    community become a better

    place to live.

  •  Competitive Speech/Forensics No other team can help you become an exceptional speaker and help your resume stand out like the Competitive Speech Team. The team has boasted a winning season for over twenty years. Those who join the nationally ranked team will enjoy competitive and fun-filled weekends throughout the academic year competing against major universities. Scholarships are available.

  • Emerging Leaders 

    This organization connects

    highly motivated and

    outgoing freshmen with one

    another to begin building

    relationships from day one

    of Northwood’s Welcome

    Weekend. Students involved

    in this program are part of

    a team that organizes and

    runs large-scale community

    service events on- and

    off-campus in addition

    to engaging activities,

    gatherings, and socials to

    connect freshmen with one

    another during their first

    year of college.

  • Fishing Club 

    The Northwood University

    Fishing Club will participate

    in the FLW College Fishing

    Series. The FLW College

    Fishing Series consists

    of four qualifying bass

    tournaments during the

    summer and possibly a

    regional and national bass

    fishing tournament. The

    club will also meet weekly to

    discuss various techniques

    and any ideas that club

    members may have.

  • Golden Z 

    Recognized as the

    collegiate level of Zonta

    International, Golden Z

    Club is a group dedicated

    to service and career

    development, specifically

    for the advancement

    of women. The club

    engages in school service,

    community service, and

    international service. Its

    annual event is National

    Eating Disorder Awareness

    Week. The group

    participates in, and hosts,

    workshops to enhance

    professional development.

    There are over 70 chapters

    around the world.

  • International Student Organization 

    Home away from home for

    international and domestic

    students attending

    Northwood University. We

    seek to integrate all cultures

    and backgrounds to create

    a network of students from

    over 30 different countries

    (so far). Our goal is to help

    each other with something

    as basic as homework up to

    finding a job or a home.

  • NU Mock Trial Team 

    Develop your

    communication, critical

    thinking and teamwork

    skills while competing with

    NU’s award-winning trial

    team. Open to all students,

    regardless of your major,

    and you do NOT have to be

    interested in law school!


    trial for more information.

  • Northwood Music Association 

    We are Northwood students

    with one common passion,

    music, and we want to

    share it! This society is for

    anyone who loves playing

    instruments, singing, and

    music in general.

  • NU Students for Sustainability 

    To inspire students, faculty

    and the NU campus

    community to engage in a

    more sustainable, efficient,

    and environmentally mindful

    lifestyle in pursuit of the

    widespread, long-term

    benefits to the NU campus,

    the community and the


  • NU Style Show 

    The Northwood style show

    is a yearly event that brings

    together students from

    every major to create a fullscale

    fashion show. Over

    85 Northwood students

    come together as executive

    board members, student

    designers, and models for

    this event.

  • Power Lifting Club The Northwood Powerlifting

    Club competes in local,

    regional, and statewide

    accolades. It competes

    through the USAPL

    federation in a variety of

    meets and under various


  • Rotoract 

    Rotoract is the name of

    the college Rotary Club

    organization. Rotary

    International consists

    of 1.2 million members

    worldwide. It is made up of

    business professionals who

    believe in “service above

    self” and work diligently

    to help the poor and

    disadvantaged throughout

    the world. Local Rotary

    Clubs consist of community

    leaders. NU’s Rotoract

    club works in conjunction

    with the Morning and Noon

    Rotary clubs of Midland.

  • Signature Events Team 

    The Signature Events

    Team helps to plan and

    organize Northwood

    University’s Signature

    Events put on throughout

    the year. The members

    have opportunities to

    work closely with the

    honorees from these events

    and establish lifelong


  • Student Alumni Network 

    The mission of the Student-

    Alumni Network is to create

    interaction between the

    students and alumni. The

    SAN is building studentalumni

    connections through

    community service and


  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee 

    Members of the Student

    Athlete Advisory Committee

    (S.A.A.C.) are studentathletes

    who volunteer

    within the community.

    Members also address any

    issue on or off the court

    that members or GLIAC

    officers see fit.

  • Student Government Association 

    The Student Government

    Association is a group of

    student leaders on campus

    that speaks for the student

    body through popular vote.

    This group of individuals

    is in charge of planning

    and executing events

    on campus and in the


  • Student United Way Student

     United Way is

    a partnership between

    Northwood University and

    United Way of Midland

    County. This campusbased

    community change

    organization addresses

    critical issues around

    education, health and selfsufficiency.

    Student United

    Way offers Northwood

    students a meaningful way

    to engage in United Way’s

    mission, providing real

    opportunities for people

    to give, advocate and

    volunteer to help others.

    This group is guided by

    students in the Executive

    Board and United Way,

    with an emphasis on

    leading through service.

    All volunteer and service

    activities compliment

    the Northwood EXCEL


  • St. Jude’s Up Til Dawn 

    St. Jude’s Up ‘til Dawn is a

    student-led program that

    raises awareness and funds

    for St. Jude’s Children’s

    Research Hospital.

    Students nationwide have

    joined together to help the

    life-saving treatment and

    research performed at

    St. Jude’s.


  • Collegiate DECA 

    Collegiate DECA is an

    organization that helps

    students learn to deal with

    real-life business situations

    at competitive events. Doing

    so gives the competitor a

    chance to interact with the

    real world.


    Economics Association

  • Entertainment, Sport & Promotion Management Association 

    This organization is a

    professional business

    organization that provides

    events for members

    and non-members, by

    having the opportunity

    to experience planning,

    organizing, and running

    various types of events on


  • Entrepreneurship Society 

    The Northwood University

    Entrepreneurship Society

    was created to bring

    individuals together in

    a network where their

    entrepreneurial ideas and

    concepts for enterprise

    can be supported and

    accelerated. Society

    members will help each

    other to become the future

    leaders of a free-enterprise


  • Finance Association of NU 

    Members of the Financial

    Association of Northwood

    University discuss current

    topics in the financial

    world and help understand

    material covered in financial


  • NU Hospitality Enterprise (NUHE) 

    NU Hospitality Enterprise

    provides students with real-world,

    practical experience

    that will aid them in their

    knowledge of the hospitality



  • MI Lighthouse Catholics

  • ReNU Campus Church 

    The vision of The Church

    Reloaded is to inspire faith

    and friendships on campus

    and in the community

    through these key activities:

    worship, prayer, fellowship,

    discipleship, and witness.

  • Victorious Student Outreach 

    Victorious Student

    Outreach is a Bible study

    group that meets once

    a week. Members also

    attend Victorious Believers

    Ministries C.O.I.G.C. every

    Sunday @ 11 a.m. The

    church vans pick up and

    return members.


  • Honorary Accounting Society 

    HASNU is an organization

    for accounting majors who

    have a cumulative GPA of

    3.0 or higher. HASNU aims

    to create a community

    among accounting

    students, while preparing

    students to enter the

    accounting profession.

  • Order of Omega 

    The Order of Omega is an

    honorary Greek society which

    emphasizes community

    service and outstanding


  • Student Honors Association 

    Members of the Student

    Honors Association

    enhance the honors

    program as well as the

    overall honors curriculum

    on campus.


  • American Advertising Federation (AAF)

    The American Advertising

    Federation protects

    and promotes the wellbeing

    of advertising.

    This is accomplished 

    through a unique,

    nationally coordinated 

    grassroots network of 

    advertisers, agencies,

    media companies, local 

    advertising clubs and 

    college chapters.

  • American Marketing Association (AMA) 

    The NUAMA is Northwood’s

    collegiate chapter of

    the American Marketing

    Association (AMA) and the

    professional marketing

    organization on campus.

    The AMA has collegiate

    and professional chapters

    throughout the country.

    Members participate in

    a number of marketing

    and business-related

    events in the areas of

    community service,

    fundraising, internal/

    external communications,

    professional development,

    membership and

    chapter operations.

  • BBA/MBA Student Group

    The BBA/MBA Student G

    roup is a support group 

    or students in the Four 

    Year BBA/MBA program.

    We plan fun social and 

    academic events for the 

    hard working students of 

    this accelerated degree 

    track. Our students from 

    varying years in the 

    program share struggles 

    and triumphs in their 

    classes and student life 

    to form useful bonds 

    as we progress through 

    our undergraduate and

    graduate degrees.

  • Business Professionals of America 

    Business Professionals

    of America is a national

    career and technical

    student organization with a

    mission of contributing to

    the preparation of a worldclass

    workforce through the

    advancement of leadership,

    citizenship, academic and

    technological skills.

  • International Business Association 

    The International Business

    Association is a professional

    organization that focuses

    on international business

    through learning and social

    events, campus-wide

    participation in networking,

    presentations, and


  • The Automotive Group (TAG) 

    The Automotive Group

    (TAG) is an organization

    for automotive marketing

    and aftermarket majors to

    promote the knowledge of

    current events affecting the

    automotive industry through

    discussion-style meetings,

    internal and external

    industry speakers, and

    trips to automotive-related


The Student Life office works with all student organizations. The Director is located in the Student Services office located in the Church Family Administration Building.

If you are having trouble finding a place to get involved, stop by and talk to one of the staff members.

New Organizations

Some students choose to form new organizations that reflect their interests and goals. This is a fairly simple process and is initiated by contacting the Student Life Office. Involvement in organizations is on a voluntary basis but is strongly encouraged. Be aware that some organizations require dues or fees as stated in the organization constitution or bylaws.

Being an active participant in student organizations also helps you build your EXCEL transcript.