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    Why Do I Need General Education Courses?

    Northwood University’s General Education courses are a vital part of the university’s twelve outcomes for its graduates. Our core curriculum is taught by faculty from some of the best schools in the nation. These individuals bring you the expertise and passion needed to give you the cross-disciplinary knowledge necessary for success in today’s global society. Subjects embrace behavioral and social sciences including psychology, history, English, economics, philosophy and other humanities subjects‚ as well as mathematics and the natural sciences.

    The courses are designed to enhance your ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing; understand complex global issues; explain personal values; understand the aesthetic, creative and spiritual elements of life; become skilled at detecting and solving problems and become effective self-evaluators. This will expose you to intellectual ideas about the way humans think and behave, express themselves and how they define meaning in a variety of intellectual and aesthetic contexts.

    Through the General Education Core, you will:

    • Build strong communication skills.
    • Develop essential quantitative skills.
    • Enhance your ability to find information, think critically and solve problems.
    • Broaden your perspective of cultures within the U.S. and globally.
    • Explore interests outside your major.

    To lead a satisfying life and enjoy a satisfying career, you will discover that it takes not only special skills in applications such as accounting, finance, marketing and management, but a wide range of interdisciplinary and intellectual skills that come from General Education courses. Northwood University’s General Education curriculum is much more than just classes you are required to complete, but valuable information you will use in your degree program. Through these courses, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a business professional and leader.