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    Course Descriptions

    SPN 2010 SPANISH I (3 credits)
    The first of a two-semester sequence designed specifically for beginning university students with no previous language study. Emphasis is placed on acquisition and application of basic language skills.

    SPN 2015 SPANISH II (3 credits)
    Continuation of the first-year language sequence in Spanish. Course design places emphasis on development of the target language in the five goal areas of foreign language education: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities.
    Prerequisite: SPN 2010

    SPN 3010 SPANISH III (3 credits)
    The first of a two-semester sequence designed for students who have a background of at least one year of college level Spanish or its equivalent. The objective is to further acquisition and application of the target language at the intermediate level. Authentic materials in the target language reflect contemporary topics relevant to contemporary global issues.
    Prerequisite: SPN 2015

    SPN 3015 SPANISH IV (3 credits)
    Completes the second-year language sequence in Spanish. Course emphasis is placed on continued development of proficiency in the target language through grammar review, composition, selected readings, small group discussion and short speeches on topics of interest.
    Prerequisite: SPN 3010