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    Course Descriptions

    ART 3050 BEGINNING DRAWING (3 credits)
    Drawing fundamentals are explored through hands-on studio experience, introducing a variety of materials and mediums. Techniques include contour drawing, sighting and modeling, creating three-dimensionality (shading, chiaroscuro), understanding positive and negative space, creating texture and mastering linear and aerial perspective. Elements of design and composition are taught through exercises in still life, landscape, portraiture and on-site drawing. Works of master artists will be presented along with interaction with guest artists, which will require some written work. Course may include various field trips to local sites.

    ART 3080 PAINTING (3 credits)
    We will explore the color wheel and impact of color choices, exposing students to a working knowledge of color terminology and primary, secondary and tertiary colors, while also introducing color scheme and theory. Analogous, complementary, neutral and monochromatic color concepts will be taught through hands-on painting experiences. Physical properties of color (hue, value, intensity, tint and tone) are discussed, as well as the elements and principles of art (line, color, shape, pattern, rhythm, unity, balance and composition). The student will have opportunities to implement various paint and color techniques through multiple exercises. Field trips to local studios and museums may be incorporated into the syllabus. Course may include various field trips to local sites.