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GM Dealership Business Management and Financial Statement Analysis

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The GM Dealership Business Management course is perfect for those with a desire to learn more about accounting principles and how documents flow through a financial statement. It doesn’t matter if your experience is working inside the business office or in one of the operational departments, you will broaden and deepen your knowledge about the format and flow of GM dealership financial statements. Plus, you will become acquainted with the “dealership speak,” key performance indicators (KPIs), and best practices of well-run variable, service, and parts departments. This class is appropriate for veteran managers to refresh and enhance basic financial analysis skills, and for those new to the retail automotive industry or their position.

In this course, students will experience instructor-led interactive discussion boards, department analysis tools, and video lecture. This course will utilize Action plans to provide a roadmap for improvement that is individualized for each student and store.


Key Objectives & Competencies:

  • Increase targeting of expense reduction opportunities
  • Learn the structure of the financial statement: balance sheet, income statement, and departmental operating pages
  • Understand cash flow versus net profit
  • Learn to convey numbers to bridge the gap between operations and accounting
  • Recognize fundamental key performance indicators (KPIs) in operating departments
  • Improve cash flow through a better understanding of the balance sheet
  • Know where the numbers come from and track changes in assets, liabilities, and equity
  • Perform calculations for dealership inventories and identify reduction opportunities
  • Monitor key departmental weekly and monthly numbers thru the daily operating control

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Program Tuition

The Dealership Operations Program is competitively priced at $950 per course and includes all course materials and tuition. (Based on the 2018-19 academic year.)

Spring Course Semester: February 11, 2019 - April 7, 2019 (8 week course)

**Minimum of 10 participants required to run the course**