Fashion Marketing & Management

Step, step, step, step, pause. Hand on the hip, turn, turn, spin. You applaud, but not for the model.

That was a fine piece of fashion, the music was right on cue and the lighting set the perfect mood. Fashion runs in your blood. You understand its importance. You see it when you go into the stores – how the pieces are put together on the mannequins, how the prints and fabric textures work together like art. You buy fashion magazines only to tear out ads that you find inspiring, creative and desirable. What we wear influences perceptions – of ourselves, of others and of our culture. Before the first word is spoken, we draw an impression; and you know the first one is the most important.

The thing about navigating the fashion industry is that there is no “perfect pattern” to follow. It’s one of the most dynamic aspects of our culture. Styles change from season to season, for each event and for each person’s own height, weight, personality and environment.

These unique people require a myriad of methods in which to be reached. Now more than ever, the competitive world of fashion demands that young leaders possess an inventive mind, passion for fashion and flair for business. But you can’t have a complete industry education if you don’t get out of the classroom.


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Education in Action

  • Spend a week in New York or Europe, where you will be exposed to the functions and job opportunities in the various segments of the fashion industry. You will visit textile companies, fashion publications, designers, manufacturers and retailers.

  • Attend the MAGIC Show in Las Vegas – the pre-eminent, most comprehensive trade event in the international fashion industry.

  • Participate in field trips that take you to places like llama farms, museums and major collection venues.

  • Participate in the Northwood University Style Show (Michigan Campus) and gain experience in the many different aspects involved in coordinating and presenting a professional fashion show. Check out our past shows here!

  • Join the Northwood Fashion Group, where you can learn from professionals in the industry and by becoming involved in the community.

  • Networking events connect you to industry representatives and alumni who are a great resource for internships and future employment.

  • Access the well-equipped Fashion Resource section of our library. This includes an international selection of current and archived fashion magazines, books, trade and textiles publications.


This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).