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Become an International Sustainability Consultant. Join An Emerging Field.

Use Sustainability Management to complement your skills and boost your career.

Learn to lead with a green heart and a strategic mind. Unleash your power to drive positive change, from eco-friendly practices to shaping a sustainable future for businesses and the planet.

Make your impact with our Sustainability Management program at NU. From mastering green business strategies to pioneering sustainable solutions, our program equips you to make waves in the corporate world. Seize the opportunity to be a force for positive change, one sustainable decision at a time!


Industry Fast Facts

Northwood University is an international leader in free-enterprise education.

Pursue Industry Excellence in Sustainability Management

Our professors and students share details about what makes the Sustainability Management program unique at NU.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Sustainability Management Focused Degree?

Sustainability can be found in almost every industry. Students often look for internships or employment opportunities on a local and global level.

  • Strategy and Sustainability Manager
  • Field Operations Specialist
  • Environmental Affairs Specialist
  • Environmental Planner
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Sustainability Consultant

Career Closet

Students created the NU Career Closet where the community can acquire business attire for job interviews and more.

The main impact mission was initially the students of Northwood University that don’t initially have business professional clothes to begin with, but we’d like to see this outreach and branch out further into the Midland community and hopefully the mid-Michigan community.

Career closet at Northwood University

Recycling Initiative

We have it in a few of the buildings, some academic, some dorms. We’re measuring the material that comes out of the bins. We’re collecting cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminum and just trying to see if this something that can be sustainable on our campus and continue on.

Recycling cans on campus

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