Automotive Marketing & Management

Automobiles are much more than a means of transportation. They signify our freedom, our sense of independence and often reflect our personality. You know when you own one that you can go anywhere the road takes you, even if you’re the type who likes to drive off the beaten track.

That’s why Northwood’s Automotive Marketing & Management graduates are in such high demand. They understand the people, passions and processes that get two- and four-wheeled vehicles from our dreams to our driveways. They also understand the business models, supply chains and financial strategies necessary to keep the wheels of the automotive industry spinning. You could say Northwood University students and alumni are considered the premium package when it comes to employment.

Northwood has educated thousands of students to manage and own successful new and independent automotive dealerships, and has worked with countless dealers, general managers, managers, and employees within dealerships to help them improve performance. We aren't the only ones impressed by our Automotive Marketing & Management program. See what the industry has to say about Northwood University for yourself. This article from really sums it up. If you see the automotive industry in your future, Northwood University is where the rubber meets the road.


Education in Action

  • Northwood University offers a complete dealership educational experience.

  • Each fall, Automotive Marketing & Management students in Michigan organize and present the annual Northwood University International Auto Show (NUIAS). It’s the largest outdoor, international, new-vehicle auto show in North America and is completely student-run.

  • See what others are saying about the Northwood University International Auto Show

  • Look at a recap of the 50th annual Northwood University International Auto Show

  • Experience hands-on learning opportunities beginning in your freshman year.

  • Study abroad programs provide the ultimate global experience. You will graduate with a firm understanding of how the automotive industry works.

  • Attend the annual National Automobile Dealers Association Convention and Detroit International Auto Show, as well as NASCAR and other events which will further expose you to diverse experiences and people within the industry.

  • Our close relationships with major manufacturers not only enhance your education but also improve your chances for employment after graduation.

  • We seek input from alumni and other automotive industry experts throughout the year to make certain we are teaching the information students need to be successful. This ensures you receive a future-focused education.

  • In addition to our major in Automotive Marketing & Management and our MBA program, Northwood University also offers:

  • Online classes

  • Workshops

  • NADA Sales Certification

  • AFIP Certification

  • Retail Dealership Simulations

  • Specific certifications on maximizing your web marketing efforts


This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).