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Where Communication Meets Technology, A Powerful Tool For Success.

Your journey to becoming a skilled communicator in the technical world starts here at Northwood University.

When you leave NU, you will have the fundamentals of effective communication but also the technical expertise required in diverse industries. From honing writing skills for reports and manuals to mastering the art of visual communication and multimedia, our students graduate with a versatile skill set.

What sets our program apart is the emphasis on real-world application. Students engage in industry-relevant projects, collaborating with professionals to solve communication challenges in fields such as technology and business.

Whether you aspire to be a technical writer, content strategist, or communication consultant, our Professional and Technical Communication program provides the foundation and practical experience to thrive in the rapidly changing professional landscape.

Heading here

Prototype design on paper

Usability Experience

We equip our students to navigate the dynamic landscape of user experience. At Northwood, learning about usability isn’t just a concept; it’s a transformative experience that prepares our students for success in a digital world where user-centric design is essential.

LAB Camp students using the podcasting studio in the Northwood Idea Center


At the Northwood Idea Center, students can utilize the podcasting studio for class projects and to expand their knowledge of communication.

Judicial scale and gaval


This degree complements a pre-law curriculum, paving the way for students to extend their educational journey at another university for law school, ultimately leading them to a successful career as a lawyer.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Professional and Technical Communication Degree?

With this technical-focused writing degree, graduates are prepared to go into careers in a variety of industries. Student often look for careers and internships on a local or global level.

  • Technical Writer
  • Content Strategist
  • Information Designer
  • Grant & Policy Writer
  • UX Writer
  • Multimedia Communications Specialist

Forge Your Path Forward