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Student Organizations Spotlight Zeta Phi Sorority

March 5, 2014

The Texas campus is proud of its student organizations and their hard work, student involvement, high enthusiasm and school spirit. This week Northwood Texas would like to shine the spotlight on one of its longest running and extremely active student organizations, Zeta Phi Sorority.Zeta Phi is a local sorority that was established on the Texas campus in the year 2005. Because of a strong foundation, strong leadership and dedicated members the organization is bigger and better than ever. “We are looking forward to our 10th anniversary in 2015 as we continue to fill our past and current sisters’ beliefs by giving back to Northwood and our local community,” says Zeta Phi President, Elizabeth Hernandez. “This organization has allowed me to view life and people in an entirely different way and I am proud to be a part of an organization that is filled with unique but united individuals.”

This past fall semester, Zeta Phi inducted seven new members which is the most members ever inducted at one time in Zeta Phi history. Zeta Phi is currently planning their annual “Mr. University” event while focusing on their academics and off-campus volunteer opportunities.

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