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Professors named inaugural Bretzlaff Scholars

September 14, 2022

Northwood receives gift to fund faculty research about free market economics and ethics

Northwood University is pleased to announce two faculty members have been named the university’s inaugural Bretzlaff Scholars.

“Faculty are the backbone of higher education institutions, and these professors represent the best of our Northwood faculty,” stated Northwood President Kent MacDonald. “We are thankful to The Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation for supporting their teaching and research efforts.”

The Foundation gave Northwood a generous gift to support faculty research and teaching efforts in free market economics and ethics. Dr. Kristin Stehouwer, Northwood provost and vice president of academics, recently announced Glenn Moots and Michael Makovi as the inaugural Bretzlaff Scholars.

“Their scholarly work enhances Northwood’s academic environment, in addition to their overall respective fields,” she noted. “We are confident their research will advance the Bretzlaff Foundation’s mission, as well as that of Northwood University’s to develop global free-enterprise leaders who drive economic and social impact.”

Dr. Moots, who resides in Sanford, chairs Northwood’s Political Science and Philosophy Department. His research pertains to religion and politics in early America and also its implications for current political controversies. He currently is on sabbatical, furthering his research.

“The assistance of the Bretzlaff Foundation will help with the expenses involved in travel and research while I’m on sabbatical. Research and publication sets an example for students. If we’re asking them to learn things, we need to be learning, too. That learning results in publication and moves good ideas forward.”

Moots, whose house has undergone restoration since the 2020 mid-Michigan Dam Failures, added: “I’m very grateful to have this chance to catch up on projects from 2020 and make progress on new ones.” 

Dr. Makovi, who resides in Auburn, is an assistant professor in Northwood’s Economics Department. He has researched the historical cause of Karl Marx’s continued popularity in fields outside economics, as well as the actual effectiveness of COVID-19 lockdowns in reducing mortality and preventing deaths.

“I am honored to be named an inaugural Bretzlaff Scholar,” Makovi stated. “As a professor here at Northwood University, I take pride in promoting The Northwood Idea to students. And as an economist, I consider it my duty to conduct serious research which meets the scientific standards of the professional community. As a Bretzlaff Scholar, I plan on conducting research which will help promote a freer, more just society while adhering to the highest academic standards and expectations of my profession.”

Stehouwer noted Northwood prizes the scholarly work of these professors, and the university looks forward to seeing what they will accomplish with this added support from the Bretzlaff Foundation.

The Foundation supports educational institutions and students in America and England who strive to improve the society in which they live in a positive, moral and conservative manner.

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