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Omniquest Selection Winter 2009

December 1, 2009

The Omniquest Committee on the Texas Campus has recommended Sam Wyly’s 1000 Dollars and an Idea for the Winter Term 2009-2010. It is a tribute in many ways to the “can do” spirit of the free enterprise system. The review excerpts below reflect the committee’s opinions.

“As a highly successful entrepreneur who has been involved in a steady stream of successful business ventures, Wyly could have felt compelled simply to write the usual autobiography. Instead, he also shares with the reader a set of universal lessons that he learned throughout his life and that he adroitly weaves into his story… A solid business memoir; recommended for business collections.” – Library Journal

“Self-made billionaire Sam Wyly offers a business pep talk wrapped in a memoir. His philosophy is quite folksy. ‘Business is a lot like football,’ he asserts; ‘roots are good’; ‘obstacles are only challenges.’ His humor is without frills. When considering a business, he advises, ask yourself if you can create customers: ‘Will the dogs eat the dog food?’ From nearly dirt poor to filthy rich, it’s his audacious story.” – Kirkus Reviews

“In 1,000 Dollars and an Idea Sam Wyly provides a powerful argument for the power of markets to provide solutions to both economic and environmental problems. From his astonishing battle with AT&T to end the government-sanctioned communications monopoly blocking many of the possibilities offered by early digital technology to pioneering green energy companies Green Mountain Energy and, Sam has been an extraordinary visionary for the long-term. Ever the optimist, Sam believes, like me, that entrepreneurs can change the world for the better and he has proven this to be true many times in his fascinating life. I highly recommend this exceptionally entertaining and inspiring book.” – John Mackey, Founder, Whole Foods

“Country boy makes good in this down-home tale… Wyly stresses the power and privilege of self-creation and speaks honestly about what he’s learned: that failure is crucial to achieving success, independent thought is imperative, luck serendipitous and power useless unless it is wielded for good.” – Publishers Weekly

“Reading Sam’s book brings to mind an exciting time in our technology history when computer software and services companies were the focus of the great American entrepreneurial spirit. Sam’s contributions to the development and progress of these industries cannot be overstated. His book is an inspirational journey through the early years of on-line computing, the creation and growth of the software products industry and the many and diverse achievements of one of the most important entrepreneurs of the 20th century.” – Ross Perot

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