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Omniquest Selection Spring 2010

January 1, 2010

Now, more than ever many Americans recognize the value of capitalism in a struggling economy. Therefore, as we embrace the Northwood Idea and work toward enhancing the overall classroom experience by increasing dialogue with students, Northwood University is delighted to introduce the Spring term Omniquest book – How Capitalism Will Save US, by Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames.

What sets Northwood University apart from other academic business programs is our clear and well articulated philosophy and mission. Although the success and prosperity experienced by our country is unrivaled, there are those who continue to criticize, and question the value, fairness, and ethics of the capitalist model. Northwood University proudly stands behind these strong guiding principles articulated and exemplified in our publication When We Are Free. This foundation has produced, over the past 50 years, thousands of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who have shaped our country and our world.

It is gratifying that in times when our principles are being questioned, successful leaders step forward in strong support of these ideals. That is why Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames’ book, How Capitalism Will Save Us is the Florida Campus’ Omniquest selection for the spring term. The text parallels the principles taught within our University, setting aside political partisanship. It provides clear and well supported responses to the criticisms often leveled against a free market, democratic system. The content of this book will invigorate our students and reinforce the principles that allow Northwood University to continue to successfully prepare and develop the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society.

James Srodes of the Washington Times wrote, “If Obamanomics worries you, if the recent health care reforms frankly disturb you, if the prospect of Al Gore-style environmental meddling alarms you, indeed if the whole drift of the world economic system is discomfiting, then this is the book for you. It is not too much of a stretch to say that what author Steve Forbes has done with this book is much like what Thomas Paine did in 1776 when he penned Common Sense. In How Capitalism Will Save Us, Mr. Forbes, like Paine, offers a spirited, authoritative challenge to current authority and provides intellectual ammunition for the average citizen whose instinct to protest has been stifled by the combined rhetoric of politicians and much of the information media.”

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