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Omniquest Selection Fall 2015

August 23, 2015

We are pleased to announce the fall 2015 Omniquest selection, titled “The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure” by John A. Allison, President and CEO of the Cato Institute. Mr. Allison was a member of a panel of speakers at the Free-Enterprise Leadership Summit hosted at our Florida campus in November 2014. Omniquest is a university-wide program that engages our students, faculty, and staff in reading recent and influential business books. Northwood University has been recognized for this program as a best practice by our accreditors.

The following is an excerpt from regarding Mr. Allison’s book:

“If you think the concepts of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” should motivate individual decision making, empower organizations, and drive public policy, this book will reaffirm your commitment to our nation’s core values.
Combining practical hands-on strategies with keen insights into public policy and business, John Allison reveals the fundamental principles he sees as critical to the success of any leader, to all organizations, and to the United States. He shows you how to create a vision of what your organization can be, how to inspire your employees with a purpose-driven mission, and how to develop strategies to make these goals a reality. He shares his personal story of growing BB&T into the tenth largest financial services holding company in the U.S. He demonstrates how the principles which lead to individual happiness are the foundation for organizational and societal well-being.

Most importantly, Allison gives you the time-honored keys to self-leadership—the ability to lead yourself—the most valuable skill you will ever have.

This is how true leaders lead. With vision, purpose, and values. With life and liberty. Are you ready to take the lead?”

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