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Northwood University Freedom Seminar to Outline “The Path to Prosperity”

March 31, 2014

Northwood University will hold its 36th Freedom Seminar, “The Path to Prosperity,” April 10-13, 2014, at the Atheneum Suite Hotel in the Greektown district of Detroit, MI. The annual event, one of numerous hands-on learning experiences at Northwood University, brings students together with leading thinkers, economists, policy analysts and educators to explore and dissect important and pressing issues.“The U.S. economy is trying to recover and while there are reasons for optimism one can also make the case for careful and cautious optimism,” stated Dr. Timothy Nash, co-organizer for the Freedom Seminar and vice president of strategic and corporate alliances and Fry endowed chair in free market economics at Northwood. “The uncomfortable reality is that our economy is not as healthy as people and politicians want to believe. These are the kind of hard-hitting issues that the Freedom Seminar will dissect.”

Sponsored in part by the Institute for Humane Studies, “The Path to Prosperity” will explore cutting-edge and hotly contested current events in sectors ranging from finance, economics and public policy to international trade, foreign policy and the environment.

According to Keith A. Pretty, president and CEO for Northwood University, the Freedom Seminar is a unique experiential learning opportunity for Northwood students.

“From day one, all the way through graduation, Northwood University students are immersed in ‘hands on,’ one-on-one learning opportunities with industry leaders and experts. Our goal is to ensure our graduates enter today’s workforce with a solid balance of theory and practice and the Freedom Seminar is one of the ways we do that.”

Speakers for the 2014 Northwood University Freedom Seminar are:

  • Doug Bandow, senior fellow, The Cato Institute.
  • Shikha Dalmia, senior analyst, Reason Foundation.
  • Dr. Richard Ebeling, professor of economics at Northwood University and a member of the board of the National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • John Grether, associate professor, DeVos Graduate School of Management, Northwood University.
  • Clifford Harris, associate professor of economics, Northwood University.
  • Dean Lockwood, assistant coach, Tennessee Women’s Basketball.
  • Maurice McTigue, vice president, Mercatus Center at George Mason University.
  • Dr. Timothy Nash, vice president of strategic and corporate alliances and the David E. Fry endowed chair in free market economics at Northwood University.
  • Richard K. Studley, president and CEO, Michigan Chamber of Commerce.
  • Michael Tanner, senior research scholar, The Cato Institute.
  • Robert Thomas, senior director of operations, Michigan Chamber of Commerce.
  • Dr. Alex Tokarev, assistant professor of economics, Northwood University.
  • Jonathan Williams, director of tax and fiscal policy for the American Legislative Exchange Council in Washington, D.C.

For more information on Freedom Seminar content, contact Dr. Dale Matcheck 989.837.4256 or .

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