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Northwood recognizes accomplished faculty

November 17, 2022

Northwood University is pleased to recognize some faculty members who have published research throughout the past academic year.

“We are very thankful to our esteemed faculty, many of whom went above and beyond in their research and writing efforts in 2022,” stated Dr. Kristin Stehouwer, academic vice president and provost of Northwood University. “This is our second annual event to celebrate faculty research, and this year, we have included a program in which faculty will present their findings in brief and dynamic synopses.”

The honorees include:

Dr. Chelsea Butcher, Natural Sciences assistant professor and curriculum lead, who participated in the following study: “Improving Genetic Status Despite Fragmentation and Small Effective Population Size in Hill’s Thistle (Cirsium hillii)” — featured in The American Midland Naturalist. This study addresses the impact of population size and isolation on the genetic diversity of the threatened Hill’s thistle. Its results indicate the mainland population of Hill’s thistle is persisting but should continue to be monitored demographically due to ongoing habitat loss.

Butcher also published a piece about long-distance pollen dispersal in urban green roof and ground-level habitats, as featured in the June 23, 2022, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

• E. Wesley Reynolds III, who published a book, Coffeehouse Culture in the Atlantic World, 1650-1798. The book argues that coffeehouses and the coffee trade were central to the making of the Atlantic world in the century leading up to the American Revolution. Fostering international finance and commerce, spreading transatlantic news, building military might, determining political fortunes and promoting status and consumption, coffeehouses created a web of social networks stretching from Britain to its colonies in North America.

Reynolds also authored a piece, “A Return to Rootedness,” in the American Reformer.

• Dr. Glenn Moots, Political Science and Philosophy chair, who authored several pieces in 2021, and The Reformers’ Drum for the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville in 2022.

The honorees were highlighted during a faculty reception Provost Stehouwer hosted Nov. 16. That event featured a presentation from one of last year’s honorees, Dr. Sivasankari Gopalakrishnan, a fashion marketing and management professor.

Gopalakrishnan participated in a study to understand the determinants of second-hand luxury purchases using new fashion business models.

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