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Northwood Advertising Students Visit Top Post-Production Studio

February 6, 2014

Professor Gary Brahl’s Current Issues in Advertising class journeyed to Dallas for a tour of the commercial post-production facility known simply as 3008—coincidentally,their street address.  Students had the opportunity to observe first-hand as future commercials went through their final technical and artistic processes before release to the media.Executive Producer Anne Strock told the students, “We love what we do and are happy to talk about it.” That point was proven as 3008 editors demonstrated the fine points of editing a spot for client TGI Fridays and the intricacies of presenting food on TV.  3008’s facilities are impressive and in line with the company’s belief that creative people need to be comfortable.  “I could live here,” one of the students was heard whispering when the tour was complete.

Examples of 3008’s work can be found on their website:

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