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Mom, Daughter Attend Northwood via Online, Traditional Programs

August 19, 2014

The two, who recently shared their story with CBS12, enjoy comparing notes as they pursue their college degrees via Northwood University’s online and traditional programs of study.

When Tina Bailey visits Northwood University Florida it’s a family reunion of sorts. The adult degree program student who resides in Kissimmee, Florida and takes her classes completely online often visits her daughter Diamone Evans, a traditional student attending Northwood University’s 100-acre West Palm Beach campus full-time during the day.

“People are amazed when they hear that we’re both attending Northwood University and learning the curriculum in two completely different formats,” smiled Bailey. “I’m always up for a trip to spend time with my daughter and to hang around campus. When I visit the university and students hug me and say ‘hi momma,’ Diamone is quick to reply ‘that is not your momma and I’m not sharing,’” laughed the business management major who added that when she and her daughter dress alike in Northwood t-shirts and jeans people think they’re sisters.

After first visiting Northwood Florida in the fall of 2013, Tina Bailey knew she was one step closer to achieving her educational dreams. “I always knew that I’d eventually like to hold a corporate management position or to one day own my own company, so Northwood’s online curriculum was very attractive to me,” said Bailey who’d first visited the university’s West Palm Beach, Florida campus while chaperoning a field trip of seniors from Poinciana High School where she serves as a Bookkeeper.

And her daughter Diamone wasn’t far behind joining her on the educational journey. Now also pursuing a Northwood Advertising and Marketing degree, the freshman plans to earn a Master of Business Administration degree as well. “I’ve always wanted to own my very own cheer franchise which would provide elite squads, so the program was attractive to me,” said Evans. “The diverse atmosphere and philosophy of Northwood pulled me in, and I feel at home here with a strong sense of peace and calmness.”

“It’s great to see Diamone smiling and happy and not ashamed that I attend her school,” said Bailey, who added that the support they receive from faculty and staff is part of the reason their Northwood experience has been so successful. “Although we call each other after taking tests and getting grades to see who is beating who, it’s really not about competition. We are two cheerleaders cheering each other on – and we will graduate together if I don’t beat her,” laughed Bailey, who is slated to graduate in 2016.

“I did help her with her English paper once, and she got a really good grade on it,” recalled Evans. “I always tell her ‘never’ and ‘lies.’ I say ‘never’ because she thinks she has a chance at beating me in graduating. That’s not going to happen, as I will be the victor. I say ‘lies’ because she says she is going to win and that is a lie. It’s going to be me who comes out on top,” she laughed.

As a trailblazer in adult learning and online education Northwood University constantly researches industry trends to ensure its programs align with in-demand jobs. It applies the latest industry standards and practices to provide students with programs that are relevant, thorough, and on-target.

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