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Day of Giving: A chance to support Northwood and celebrate free enterprise

March 18, 2024

Northwood University is gearing up for this year’s 2024 Day of Giving campaign, which will be held Friday, March 22, a day ahead the institution’s revered Founders’ Day.

Day of Giving serves as a vital platform for alumni, donors, and friends of Northwood to make a meaningful impact. Participants have the chance to support various initiatives and programs vital to Northwood’s ongoing growth and development.

“Whether contributing to scholarships, athletic resources, academic resources, or campus enhancements, every donation plays a crucial role in shaping Northwood’s future,” stated Director of Annual Giving Laura Rhodes. “And donors get to choose which specific programs to support! So this is a fantastic opportunity to pledge funds for specific programs while advancing our mission to develop free enterprise leaders who drive global social and economic progress.”

Northwood University has long been a champion of free enterprise and empowering individuals to pursue their passions and drive positive change through hard work, thrift, and personal responsibility.

“The Day of Giving exemplifies our community’s unwavering dedication to advancing this mission and ensuring that future generations have access to the transformative education and opportunities Northwood provides,” Rhodes added.

The 2024 Day of Giving will be followed by Founders’ Day on Saturday, March 23. This date honors Northwood’s co-founders Arthur Turner and Gary Stauffer, and the timeless values in The Northwood Idea, which include the importance of free enterprise, individual responsibility, limited government, and an emphasis on work and thrift as a means not only to self-development, but of service to others.

During last year’s Day of Giving, 271 donors raised a combined $84,365.39. Donors came from four different countries and 31 different states. Over half were alumni.

“We saw widespread support during last year’s annual Day of Giving and our 64th Founder’s Day,” Rhodes added. “We hope donors will rally once again this year in support of Northwood University and The Northwood Idea.”

To participate in this year’s Day of Giving, visit

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