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Competitive Speech Team Places Second

January 15, 2015

Michigan Speech Students - 12-2014Northwood University Michigan’s Competitive Speech Team recently placed 2nd at the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League’s Fall tournament in Rochester, Michigan.

The growing group added several new members within the past few weeks, and the following competitors made it to finals:

  • Joshua Gammon – 2nd in Impromptu, 4th in Informative, 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking, and 6th in Rhetorical Criticism
  • Cherell Granger – 1st in Rhetorical Criticism and 6th in Prose • Chene Kushmaul and Alyssa Tefend – 7th in Duo.
  • Kirk Longuski – 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking and After Dinner Speaking, 3rd in Individual speaker awards and in Informative, 5th in Impromptu, and 6th in Persuasion
  • McKenzie Terwillegar – 2nd in Programmed Oral Interpretation, and 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking and Rhetorical Criticism

“Public speaking is skill necessary for any successful [Northwood] student. The speech team is truly the best way to improve your skills, all the while having fun and developing relationships that will last a lifetime,” said McKenzie Terwillegar, a Northwood University Senior who is majoring in Business Management and serves as the team’s Co-Assistant Captain and Manager.

The group will resume their season on January 17th, 2015 to compete at the Bulldog Battle, hosted by Butler University, in Indianapolis, Indiana. (L-R): Competitive Speech Team members Nicholas Lentz, Mark Marciniak, McKenzie Terwillegar, Kirk Longuski, and Andy Rapp. From left to right (front): Chene Kushmaul, Cherell Granger, and Joshua Gammon.

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