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Career Services specialist discusses what employers want on a candidate’s resume

September 8, 2022

Without question, the last couple of years have seen a significant amount of disruption take place in our professional and personal lives. 

But with great disruption comes innovation, problem-solving, and a chance to reimagine how, where, and why we operate the way we do. 

And the career attributes needed to do that are just what employers want, according to a 2022 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Employers ranked the following in order of importance:

• Problem-solving skills — 85.5%

• Analytical/quantitative skills — 78.6%

• Ability to work in a team — 76.3%

• Communication skills (written) — 73.3%

• Initiative —72.5%

• Strong work ethic — 71%

• Technical skills — 64.9%

• Flexibility/adaptability — 63.4%

• Detail orientated — 62.6%

• Leadership — 60.3%

• Communication skills (Verbal) — 58.8%

• Interpersonal skills (relates well to others) — 56.5%

• Computer skills — 52.7%

• Organizational ability — 42%

• Strategic planning skills — 38.2%

• Creativity — 26.7%

• Friendly/outgoing personality — 21.4%

• Tactfulness — 19.1%

• Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker — 14.5%

• Fluency in a foreign language — 5.3%

At Northwood University, we develop graduates who possess many of the above attributes, especially the entrepreneurial spirit needed for innovation and problem-solving.

Common Degree Outcomes at Northwood University:

·      Articulate and apply the principles and values of freedom and free enterprise.

·      Communicate effectively in speech and writing.

·      Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving proficiency.

·      Demonstrate foundational knowledge of the functional areas of business.

·      Demonstrate acumen applied to the global business environment.

·      Demonstrate effective leadership and interpersonal skills.

·      Emphasize qualitative personal development (aka life-long learning)

Northwood prides itself on developing transformative leadership talent for succession planning, something all companies should be preparing. And when you compare the recent NACE data alongside the academic outcomes and attributes of a Northwood education, we are on the right track.

If your business is looking for new talent ready to collaborate with others, and use data to identify and solve problems, reach out to Career Services at Northwood University today.

Deborah Schumer is a career advancement and internship coordinator, as well as adjunct faculty member, at Northwood University. She can be reached at 989-837-4430 and and .

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