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Announcing True North

March 23, 2022

Northwood University is pleased to announce the launch of True North (, its new digital platform for advancing business innovation and free-market thought leadership worldwide.

True North connects individuals and communities with thought leaders, think tanks, businesses, industry influencers, and media. To that end, Northwood is committed to serving as a free-market connector.

True North leads with the guiding values laid out by The Northwood Idea, showcasing all tenets of the Idea with a unique emphasis on business education, innovation, and free enterprise philosophies.

In addition, True North features a calendar of events, including activities and events sponsored by partner organizations.

Visit True North, driven by Northwood University, to learn how we are:

  • Promoting free market principles and values

  • Driving business innovation in a free enterprise society

  • Facilitating collaboration among our audiences from around the world: students, alumni, faculty and staff, supporters, businesses, and free-market leaders

  • Embracing and amplifying the like-minded voices of free enterprise thought leadership around the world

  • Promoting employment opportunities with free-market partners

  • Advancing the belief that entrepreneurship and private business is the best way for free citizens to develop their highest potential

Free market philosophies and policies have minimized many global economic and social issues. A free market society and individual freedom expand opportunities for individuals and businesses to flourish.  The American dream and a life well-lived are rooted in liberty and freedom and these are foundational to Northwood, America’s Free-Enterprise University. To learn more, visit

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