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Alumnus Applies NU Experience Toward Creation of Successful Skincare Line

August 8, 2014

It was Northwood University’s focus on business programs which first drew Jesse Torres back in 1998, and its entrepreneurial emphasis and hands-on learning experiences which later inspired the 2002 graduate to develop his own skincare line.Now the founder of Zach Madison, an organic grooming enterprise, the Roseburg, Oregon native has applied knowledge gained while earning his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Management toward a successful creation of the men’s only merchandise line.

As with many successful product launches, the idea, titled in honor of his children Haley Madison and Christian Zechariah and bearing the moniker on every bottle ‘Inspired in Miami – Made in New York,’ was founded out of necessity.

“After searching everywhere for products that would protect me from the intense South Florida sun and only finding those targeted toward women, I decided to create a brand that would reflect the masculine South Florida lifestyle, while scientifically developed to protect one from the area’s intense rays,” said Torres, a South Beach resident, of how the idea came about.

Now the multinational line is excelling, thanks to sound leadership.

“One of the experiences that helped me grow the corporation was being surrounded by like-minded individuals at Northwood.  We were all focused on business and learning the industry, and the professors were able to provide real-life scenarios that were not in textbooks while finding creative ways to overcome challenges,” recalled Torres, who now also has his MBA degree and is focused on giving back.

“I think it’s important to be a mentor and coach for other young professionals and to help them along the way by sharing my life lessons.  Life is not easy for entrepreneurial people. We take chances, we learn to be flexible, we fall down, we overcome, we feel like just giving up, but somehow our entrepreneurial spirit lives through all of that, and each day we pick ourselves up and we go back at it again – because that’s what we ultimately love to do,” he reflected.

All organic, Zach Madison’s wildly successful shaving cream and skin moisturizer lines have grown to include toner, after shave lotions, cleansers, gels and more. Ideal for all skin types, the high-tech assortment works alone or in tandem, providing men with intelligent skincare solutions to anti-aging, shaving, cleansing and basic skincare needs.

“I’ve enjoyed surprises and blessings. Those surprises have been the people that I’ve gotten to know along the way, and the blessings are how they’ve enriched my life and my professional growth,” smiled Torres.

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