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Alumni Connections: Matthew Luther

November 4, 2021
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Matthew majored in Marketing and Finance and graduated from Northwood in 2020.

Matthew Luther ‘20

“Looking back and reflecting on my time at Northwood, I obtained many skill sets that would later set me up for success after graduation. The first would be the overall understanding of the business climate and the driving factors that are needed to run a successful business. With this understanding, I am able to contribute towards my current company in many different facets.

The second way Northwood prepared me after graduation, would be the important skill set of networking and always building a personal brand with everything you do. A great example would be networking with my current employer since the career fair freshman year and with constant follow up eventually landing a job post graduation. I am currently working for Hamlin and Associates, an automotive marketing company focused on working with car dealerships nationwide, many of the connections I made within the automotive marketing focus at Northwood, continue to benefit me to this day.

Lastly, Northwood University prepared me to utilize the knowledge I learned within the classroom, directly to a hands-on industry setting. Based on many of the Capstone courses and final projects through my time at Northwood, allowed me to directly implement the knowledge I learned into my area of study and have a deeper understanding of the topic outside of a textbook. With all courses being focused around a business curriculum, you truly understand how business topics can be found anywhere across all aspects of the professional world.

I would highly recommend attending Northwood University to any prospective student wanting to learn more. The way Northwood creates a sense of culture and family like setting, mixed with the high level educational practices related to the professional world is outstanding. Northwood University definitely set me up for success within my current career and I will truly utilize my education throughout the remainder of my life.”

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