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Alumni Connections: Jessica McNeal

November 4, 2021

Jessica majored in Entrepreneurship and graduated from Northwood in 2018.

Jessica McNeal ‘18

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise as you can image in todays day in age is extremely fast-paced. The IT industry is always excelling and if you do not follow that path well you fall behind. My time at Northwood University was a dream. I loved everything it had to offer as well as propelling myself into almost everything it had to offer. If I had to break it down to a couple of elements that have helped me excel in my career thus far it would be as follows. Number one, engagement. If you want experience in something, ask. Every time I asked to be put in an environment I wanted to learn about, Northwood made it happen. If there was no opportunity for the “idea” I wanted, we created it together. An example of that is getting on-air experience in sports. There wasn’t a platform for this so we created a weekly video that reported on games/events that happened in athletics that week. If you have an idea, Northwood will help execute! Number two, relationships. To a certain degree, this differs due to personalities. However, if you are looking for a college experience that will truly help you build a career in which will provide a ROI. Northwood University has a smaller population built by design, to teach you the connection and difference between personal and professional. I run into countless colleagues that graduated from very popular/large universities where they didn’t learn the true meaning of networking as a young adult. The way Northwood University can involve you right away in “how to” talk in a professional manor as well as “when to” connect on personal interests is key to standing out in your career as well as excelling it. Overall, you don’t realize at first how valuable your college experience is until you get out in the workforce. As a graduate of Northwood University, I am proud of how much I learned during my time and now after three years in my professional career even more grateful for all the lessons even the hidden ones Northwood University taught me.”

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