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Aidan Garvie: Advantages of a Small School and Getting Involved

February 24, 2021

Aidan Garvie, Class of 2022, hails from Sacramento, California and chose to attend Northwood because his role model attended the university previously and recommended it. Aidan is involved in many organizations including Mock Trial as an expert witness on the A team, TLC Tutor in a wide range of subjects, founding member of Delta Sigma Pi, and is president of Northwood’s Book and Film Club. Aidan is also the winner of the prestigious Naegele Scholarship.

He has also interned at his father’s Commercial Illustration Company as a Bookkeeper, an Assistant Illustrator, and Photographer. Economics “gives us a mathematical underpinning of how we can make the world a better place… more efficient and how we can make people’s lives better,” according to Aidan. He also manages his own Roth IRA. Upon graduation, Aidan hopes to work in securities law or as a portfolio manager.

“If you’re seeking a business education and also wanting to go to a smaller school, Northwood is the absolute best of both worlds, and there is no substitute for it. Especially if you are from Michigan and want to stay in Michigan. The small school setting and having faculty who have experience outside of academia, that goes a long way. Especially for someone who is more entrepreneurial and wants to start growing their own business. All of those elements mixed together make Northwood a better option than most, even large public universities with their own programs.”

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