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May 3, 2022

Northwood announces new digital platform: True North

The American dream and a life well-lived are rooted in freedom and free markets. It does not come from the government passing down “free” services. The push to increase the presence of government in our everyday lives is the antithesis of what has made America so successful: A free market society with limited government interference.

We must encourage innovation and freedom and work together to defend capitalism. To that end, Northwood University is committed to serving as a free-market connector, linking our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to like-minded partners worldwide, and powering these efforts through our content clearinghouse, True North ( This unique platform encourages the exchange of free-market and free-enterprise ideas and events, creating a resilient connection between thought leaders, think tanks, businesses, industry influencers, and media.

True North leads with the guiding values laid out by The Northwood Idea, showcasing all tenets of the Idea with a unique emphasis on business education, innovation, and free enterprise philosophies.

In addition, True North features a calendar of events, including activities and events sponsored by partner organizations.

Visit True North, driven by Northwood University — America’s Free Enterprise University — to learn how we are dedicated to:

  • Promoting a free society with limited government

  • Coordinating appropriate research and scholarship

  • Providing an exchange between professional personnel

  • Generating more student employment opportunities

  • Advancing the belief that entrepreneurship and private business is the best way for free citizens to develop their highest potential for a life well-lived

We welcome national and international partners to share your relevant content on the True North digital platform. There is no cost to participate, and if published, we will appropriately attribute your work to you or your organization. There is a brief form on the site to submit content.

In addition, the site allows you to share links from your organization’s job board on This is another way to connect visitors looking for internships and career opportunities with like-minded organizations.

If you’d like to be a True North partner, please reach out to Senior Communications Officer Rachel Valdiserri at or (989) 751-1152.

To our readers, we hope you will enjoy this new platform – the first of its kind that’s focused on free-market philosophies and policies, which have minimized many global economic and social issues. A free-market society and individual freedom expand opportunities for individuals and businesses to flourish.

We hope you will enjoy where True North will take you.

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