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Pamela Good

January 1, 2017

Ccofounder, President & Executive Director, Beyond Basics

Pamela Good is cofounder, president and executive director of Beyond Basics, a student-centered, literacy focused nonprofit organization that achieves grade level movement in six weeks. Founded in 2002, the organization is dedicated to one-on-one reading tutoring and literacy enrichment programs for K-12 students in Metropolitan Detroit.

Pamela received a bachelor’s degree in 2001 from the University of Michigan. An entrepreneur at heart, Pamela started her own business, Farmington Computer Services, at the age of 19. The company specialized in client payroll and financial statements for certified public accountants.

Eventually, Pamela left the workforce to raise a family. In 1999, she volunteered to help with a coat drive benefitting students attending a public school in Detroit. Little did she know that as she got off the highway on exit 9 for Joy Road that her life would change so much. As she delivered coats, she learned a powerful lesson from the school’s reading resource teacher that the underlying challenge of poverty leads to illiteracy

Pamela’s eyes were opened to the vast deficiencies in public education and she vowed that she would do more to help. She developed and delivered enrichment activities leading her to cofounding Beyond Basics, a non-profit organization that helps children in Detroit and surrounding communities achieve grade level movement in reading in six weeks with one-on-one tutoring. Their literacy enrichment programs help students overcome an aversion to learning and cultivate a love of learning and curiosity.

Beyond Basics reaches thousands of underserved children annually in Detroit and southeast Michigan with exemplary results. Thanks to generous supporters, 50 dedicated staff, 100 partners, and 2,500 volunteers, the organization provides its services at no cost to students.