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Mindie Kaplan

October 7, 2021

CEO/Founder, Rated VR and Creator, MaleRoom Podcast

Mindie Kaplan is the Founder/CEO of a new media brand, MaleRoom, featuring content from men for women to get inside the mind of the opposite sex. This podcast, video and event series launched in February and has recently been featured in People, NYT and Cosmopolitan. She was previously with the Chicago Sun Times as the Creator of the video series, “Happy Hour with Mindie” where she interviewed big names in the start up world, sports, music and culture.

Mindie was previously the Founder/CEO of Rated VR, a Virtual & Augmented Reality agency specializing in content and product innovation for Fortune 500 brands. After almost 3 years, Rated VR was acquired by a digital media operations company, MediaMint, where Mindie is also the VP of Innovation.

She has over a decade of experience in digital media, tech and branding for companies such as Microsoft, Ford & Nissan. Mindie has led discussions at CES, SXSW & Cannes on”Future Scoping” and was selected by Alleywatch NYC as one of their “Top Women in Emerging Tech”.