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Junia Doan

September 25, 2023

Journalist/Producer of Junia Doan’s The Spark
President of the Herbert and Junia Doan Foundation, and The Doan Family Foundation

Junia Doan has with intention cultivated both her inner and outer self throughout her life. Her earliest inspiration was her Oklahoma roots with grandparents who believed in self responsibility, freedom, and hard work. They were committed to making life better for themselves, their family, and their community.

Her life in New York has nurtured her unending curiosity, creativity, and a quest for beauty in all forms. There is a vibrancy and breadth to New York that she finds up tempo and leading edge. When her inner self calls for balance, she turns to the peaceful comfort of her Midland home as well as the water and air of Summertime found at her Higgins Lake residence, especially on her porch swing.

Midland and Higgins Lake were introduced to her by her late husband Herbert D. (Ted) Doan. It was Midland where she and Ted creatively strived for serenity and beauty in the home they rebuilt together and the gardens that surround it. Their daughter Alexandra was born in Midland, and it is the place Junia calls home.

Junia lives life with unrelenting passion. Whether she’s engrossed in a stimulating conversation on local, state or world affairs; providing a forum for her guests as creator and host of her television program, Junia Doan’s The Spark; or advocating for world-class talent in programming for MATRIX: MIDLAND, at the Midland Center for the Arts. At her core and what she strives to share with others, are vitality, collegiality, intellectual stimulation, and the goal of achieving quality at the highest level.