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Eric D. July

February 14, 2024

CEO & Founder, Rippaverse, LLC

Eric July was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in Oak Cliff. He attended the University of Memphis on a track and field scholarship and attended Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, where he majored in communications. Returning to Dallas in March 2015, he founded “Being Libertarian” and an organization called “Minorities Seeking Solutions” to provide role models to help those who have the potential to be great. As his band, BackWordz, made waves, July continued to use his voice in conversations on Fox News, The News & Why It Matters, and on his own “For Canon Sake” podcast. After getting married in 2022 to his longtime friend, Tori (known as Lady Rippa), he announced he would make his own comic book universe, which he did with Rippaverse. 

Rippaverse LLC is a comic book company for comic book readers. The American Comic book industry is in a transition that isn’t welcoming to the individuals who made it what it was for decades. Rippaverse seeks to bring back the glory days of comics with memorable stories, characters, and a place for readers to escape the daily stress of the world and enjoy something great. 

July’s Isom issue #1 amassed more than $2.6 million, making Isom the most successful crowdfunded comic book project in history. This was achieved without the help of a middle-man crowdfunding site as July ran the campaign on his own dedicated website. At the end of the campaign, July had raised over $3.7 million.