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Dr. Hermé de Wyman Miro

January 1, 2019

1982 – Palm Beach, Florida

Herme deWyman Miro was raised in Vienna, Austria where she graduated from the Conservatory of Music and Arts, qualified as a concert pianist and was a member of the Vienna Opera. Her paintings of prominent people include those of President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Pope Pius XII, Dr. Albert Schweitzer and Sir Winston Churchill. After her marriage to the late Rene deWyman, an international banker, she became so interested in the financial world that she graduated from the New York Institute of Finance. In 1972, Mr. and Mrs. deWyman were invited to the White House and asked to be founders and chairmen of the Voluntary Action Center for Palm Beach County, Florida—helping in education, health care and countless other ways. She is the founder and president of The International Society of Palm Beach, which gives numerous grants every year to worthy charities and has raised one million dollars for worthy causes. Mrs. deWyman Miro has received a White House Citation and has been knighted by the Order of St. John and St. George, Knights of Malta, for her charitable work. In 1996, Herme deWyman married David M. Miro, a prominent attorney from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. They reside in Palm Beach. Active for many years with Northwood, Herme Miro has chaired the University’s Palm Beach chapter and in April 1999 chaired the Northwood University 40th Anniversary Celebration luncheon in Palm Beach. On May 20, 1999 Herme deWyman Miro received the degree of Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa, from Northwood.