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Helen T. Findlay

January 1, 2019

1982 – Chicago, Illinois

Helen Findlay was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She was educated at the Sunset Hill School for Girls and Vassar College. In 1943 she joined her brother, Wally Findlay, in his gallery in Chicago. Of her work she said, “Although I was originally intensely interested in community use of the arts, the art business proved so absorbing and time-consuming that it became career, major hobby and source of constant education.” She was corporate secretary and member of the board of Wally Findlay Galleries International and its five major subsidiary galleries. “I have tried to further the philosophy of my grandfather, that art and beauty are important, integral elements of daily life. In each gallery community, the gallery organization makes a sincere effort to support community social and cultural programs by both contributions and benefits,” Miss Findlay has said. She was noted for her generous contributions of time and the gallery premises to leading local and national charities for their fundraising activities. Deeply impressed by the fact that Northwood University’s program is based on the development of the interests, talents and capacities of individuals, under the direction of top-flight professionals in many fields, Miss Findlay also admired Northwood’s commitment to community in Northwood cities. Her abiding interest in the arts and the arts and business programs of the University also generated a great affinity. (Deceased 1992)