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Countess Aline de Romanones

January 1, 2019

1982 – New York City & Madrid, Spain

Countess de Romanones is one of the most active and influential women in Europe and the USA. Born Aline Griffith in upstate New York, she served as an O.S.S. Intelligence agent during World War II, married a Spanish nobleman and became an international celebrity. She was one of the very few officially trained women agents operating in Europe during the war. She is a businesswoman, historian, political activist, world traveler and best-selling author of the book “The Spy Wore Red” and several others. Her books have been published in England, America and Spain. She has written numerous articles on 16th century Spanish history in Spain and South America, for which she has received the decorations of Isabella Catolica and the Academy of History of Venezuela. As part of her restoration efforts for one of her husband’s family palacios, she became an expert in paleography involving 12th and 17th century script. Aline de Romanones travels extensively throughout the world, often as the guest of world leaders and has served as informal advisor to a number of governmental agencies. The Countess has spoken on the Northwood Michigan campus to great acclaim.