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Dr. Gretchen Josey

January 1, 2019

1986 – Houston, Texas

Gretchen Josey began an acting career in California and appeared in several movies. Pursuing her lifelong interest, she established the Gretchen Bryan Award for actors and directors at the Brazosport (Texas) Little Theatre in 1950 and served as president of the group for three years. She was past president of the Women’s Institute and served on the board of the Alley Theatre in Houston. Professionally she was Director of Public Relations for the Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel in Houston. Gretchen also was president of Currenci, a decorating and antique shop specializing in 18th Century English antiques and the fine art works of French and German Impressionists. Mrs. Jack Josey served as chair of both the Northwood University Houston chapter of the National Women’s Board and its highly successful 1986 gala, which provided record breaking support to the University’s students. In 1990, in appreciation of her support and leadership in Texas, the University bestowed an honorary degree. (Deceased 1990)