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Susan Golick

January 1, 2019

1988 – New York City

Susan Golick was a teacher until she became ill with systemic lupus erythematosus. Experiencing the feelings of isolation at being diagnosed with a relatively unknown but potentially fatal disease, she vowed to fight back and encourage others with the same disease to join the fight. She is now the volunteer head of a nationwide foundation which provides money for research, counseling, medical referrals, information about the disease and encourages general public awareness of lupus. Ms. Golick has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives and the US Senate for lupus research appropriations, has written and presented papers on this previously little known disease, has lectured in medical schools and universities and appeared on television and radio. She has handled the administration and fundraising for the S.L.E. Foundation for many years. She is a founder of the National Lupus Foundation of America and advisor to the L.F.A. board of directors. Her belief in Northwood was a natural extension of her own commitment to training and caring for others. Susan and her husband, Alan J. Wasserman, D.D.S., reside in Manhattan.