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Anne S. Louison

January 1, 1994

1994 – Westbury, New York

Anne Louison became the only woman president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association. She added a whole new dimension to retailing and to automotive education. As the result of her foresight, the Association’s Center for Automotive Education and Training has earned well-deserved recognition and respect throughout all segments of the industry. Of particular note are the association-sponsored Auto Education Day and Automotive Technology Competition at the New York International Auto Show. For her personal success and commitment to education, Northwood University was pleased to present its 1993 Dealer Education Award to Ms. Louison. She says, “Northwood’s purpose is to prepare young people to take up the business of America. It is my hope that I can impart to the young people I meet the message that I consider to be the greatest assistance to them: It is much easier to go to school and learn what people have done before you, rather than learn by trial and error the hard way. When I returned to school as an adult, many of the things I thought I had invented were already written texts. What a waste of time it is to reinvent the wheel.”