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Priscilla “Prill” Kuhn

January 1, 2019

1995 – Tucson, Arizona

Marching to a different drummer, Priscilla “Prill” Kuhn’s vision of creating community good through making an honorable profit led to the incorporation of Netwest Development Corporation over ten years ago. As its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Kuhn has spearheaded the development and operation of innovative new housing products designed for frequently overlooked, vulnerable constituents. Netwest Development Corporation, a privately held company owned and operated predominantly by Tucson women, is now a multi-million dollar business operating over 1,000 multifamily, retirement and assisted living housing units throughout the state of Arizona. Netwest Development Corporation is the culmination of Ms. Kuhn’s personal dream to build strong community partnerships by encouraging private and public sector involvement. She is no stranger to both the private for-profit and the non-profit worlds. From her experience with Model Cities in the early 70s to present day, Ms. Kuhn has confronted the challenges of launching community partnering models and tackling problems as opportunities for “getting out of the box.” Throughout her career as a Senate and Congressional employee Department of Commerce Census Director, a YWCA executive director and now president of a private development company, she has employed innovative techniques to attain the organization’s goals. She views service to community as an important ingredient for success and has combined a business career with championing causes for children, the mentally ill, disabled and homeless. Among her many awards and honors are the YWCA’s Women on the Move Corporate Award, the University of Arizona’s Alumni Distinguished Citizen Award, City of Peoria’s Excellence in Construction and the Community Outreach for the Deaf Employer of the Year.